A Graphical Representation of 30 Rock

I know that I’ve been on an excessive infographic kick lately (I’ll blog about something that doesn’t involve infographics or my dog again eventually, I promise), but I couldn’t not post these. Last night 30 Rock (aka The Best Show of our time, barring Parks and Rec) went out to get some cigarettes (translation for non-fans: IT’S GONE FOREVER) and this makes me feel some sad feelings. HOWEVER, Vulture has managed to bring a little happy back into my life with these delightful 30 Rock-inspired infographics. They’ll make no sense at all if you’ve never seen 30 Rock but that’s your own fault for not watching 30 Rock (so maybe you should just go ahead and do so). Some of my favorites are below, and you can check out the rest on Vulture (here and here).





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