Election Time!

Unless you’ve been living alone in a shack on an isolated mountaintop somewhere you’re probably aware that tomorrow is election day here in the United States. And you’ve probably heard this about a thousand times already but I’m here to tell you for the thousand and first time… GO VOTE. Really. And if you’re sitting there being all “Kristen, chillax, I was already going to go vote since I’m so politically engaged and informed,” that’s cool, and you should go vote as planned but make sure to drag a politically apathetic friend or two with you to the polls. More votes! “I voted” stickers for all! Everyone wins (which is not really true since only one candidate actually wins in any given race, but whatever. America wins, I guess).

In the spirit of election day, here are a few of the many posters from AIGA’s “Get Out the Vote” campaign, a nonpartisan campaign inviting AIGA designers to create posters and videos that would inspire the American public to vote in the 2012 election. If you’d like to see more you can view all the posters in the online gallery, or, if you happen to be in the NYC-area, you can stop by the AIGA National Design Center to view the exhibition in person.


Also, something for all you non-designers… animated gif time! WHO WILL WIN? IT’S A RACE TO THE FINISH!!!

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