Four Things.

You guys. I have four things of extreme importance to say.

1. Today is/was the last day for most Americans to register to vote. If you’re on the East Coast and haven’t registered yet… sorry, this reminder comes a little too late (my bad). If you happen to be in California and still haven’t registered then you should RUN TO THE POST OFFICE IT IS STILL OPEN. GO NOW. CITIZENSHIP, ETC.

(In all seriousness, though, voting is important. Please vote)

2. You may have noticed that my site’s url has changed… after years of impatiently waiting for it to be available, is now mine forever. There has been much celebration and merriment, I know you’re just as excited as I am.

3. Imma share one of my favorite internet secrets with you (even though I don’t think it’s actually much of a secret)… the Noun Project is a FABULOUS resource for designers. If you’ve never heard of it before it’s a source for royalty-free vector iconography that you can download and use… those responsible for it call the Noun Project “a platform empowering the community to build a global visual language that everyone can understand,” which sounds pretty good to me. It’s super useful for infographics… just make sure to pay attention to the Creative Commons licenses (they can vary from icon to icon). Designers can create and submit new icons to the project as well.

4. One of the few good things about how cold it’s getting is that Terrance the dog begins to wear sweaters again. Here’s a photo of him modeling one for me this morning:

(Obviously this last thing was the most important thing)

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