Is Your Dog a Total Dog?

This morning I saw the canine plastic surgery ad on the subway, which I generally take as a sign that it’s going to be a good, weird day. For anyone unfamiliar with aforementioned ad… this:

It really is high time I paid some attention to subway ad design on this blog… I do, after all, spend at least a few minutes of every day staring at said subway ads, trying to avoid uncomfortably prolonged eye contact with the strangers around me. Though most of the ads tend to be fairly middle of the road (not too memorable, not too bad) I occasionally spot a truly great or terrible gem. Here are a few:

I AM OBSESSED with this ad for SVA created by Louise Fili. Obsessed. It’s so great.

Seriously though look at the detail up close. LOOK AT IT.

This is how Apple decided to promote the iPhone 4 in Tokyo. Goddamn, Apple, why you gotta be so good at everything?

And on the other end of the design spectrum… these anti-smoking love bunny ads (apparently created and financed by a kooky octogenarian who now lives in Florida. Ok then).

Lays supports local farming in Chicago with realistic-looking ceiling potatoes, causes everyone to bump into each other because they’re not looking where they’re going.

A cool piece from the American Disability Association (and one that’s particularly relevant in NYC considering MTA’s terrible track record on wheelchair accessibility).

I know this is outdated but, just…. HAHA HAROLD CAMPING. HAHAHAHAHA.

I’m not even entirely sure where this is, but I want to go to there.

Obviously the original poster is shit, but I very much like the alteration.

I just need there to be more Mad Men-themed, old timey subway cars in my life.

Also, endless thanks to Mad Men for giving us the one of the greatest NYC subway graffiti opportunities of our time.

Last but certainly not least… the great Dr. Zizmor himself. Thank you for your weird, rainbow subway ads Dr. Z. Without you there would be no canine plastic surgery to brighten my day.

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