National Puppy Day?!?!?

It’s the very best of days, it’s National Puppy Day, and I cannot believe that is A Real Thing. It is real, though, and you can read more about puppies (!!!) and the ultimate goal of National Puppy Day, educating people about the terrible conditions at puppy mills and saving adoptable, abandoned puppies around the world, here at their website. I don’t have a puppy but I adopted my adult dog (Terrance, a lilliputian lover of peanut butter and naps) from an animal rescue group last fall, so I unsurprisingly fully support this cause. To celebrate the holiday, I found a hilarious but unfortunate-looking dog-centric infographic and redesigned it (something so cool deserves to look nicer. This is in the same vein as my transvaginal ultrasound flowchart from a few weeks back… this may become a recurring thing). The infographic is below (I unfortunately can’t find the original creator to credit), click the image to enlarge!


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