Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning

Hey there world, long time no blog (my bad). My lovely friend Angela was so kind as to share these awesome poster concepts with me last night… they’re the work of Liverpool-based designer Rowan Stocks Moore. I was already familiar with some of his work (he did a similar project not too long ago when he redesigned the posters for the 2012 Oscar nominees for best picture), but this is even better because it’s DISNEY. Mind you, I’m fully aware that Disney (particularly old-school Disney) is super misogynistic and whatnot, but I spent a fair amount of my childhood watching The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan in an endless loop so a special, not entirely rational part of my brain will love Disney forever and always. A few of my favorite posters are below, and you can click here to view the rest of them on Rowan’s tumblr. Enjoy!

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