Snow(bracabra) Saturday

So it looks like this outside of my apartment:

Which means I’m currently cooped up INSIDE my apartment trying to entertain myself (thanks, Snowbracabra). Thus far I’ve baked cupcakes (Funfetti 4 lyfe!), played many a game of fetch with Terrance the Dog and eaten a fair amount of cheese. I’ve now moved on to looking through my old sketchbooks and wowzers…
I have doodled some exceptionally strange doodles. Some of them are below,
just because.

I have no recollection of what content I wanted. So… clearly it was very important.

Presumably I doodled this instead of actually going to bed. Oops.

An astute observation. Not quite sure what the little blob has to do with Mondays.


This is a truly terrifying sketch of Terrance the Dog.

I drew a fanged face on the back inside cover of this sketchbook so that whenever I slid something into the folder it looked like a monster was eating stuff. I am very, very mature.

This dapper mustachioed fellow seems to be missing his face.

This actually applies pretty well to my current situation… springtime now, please!

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