When Women are Denied Abortion Access…

This is an infographic that I started quite a while ago, when io9 initially posted this article discussing what happens to women who seek out an abortion but are unable to obtain one due to restrictive laws. They pulled statistics from UC San Francisco group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)‘s Turnaway Study; the study, which is in the second of what will ultimately be five years of research, interviewed 956 women who sought out abortions at 30 different abortion clinics around the U.S. (182 of whom were turned away). It’s really the first time that anyone has done an in-depth study on how abortion restrictions affect women and the results are (unfortunately) not a particular surprise to anyone who’s spent time advocating abortion access.

So, I started designing this about a month ago but got a bit sidetracked because it’s fairly long and there was a lot of important stuff to do in November (eating gross quantities of turkey and pie, for example). HOWEVER. I’ve decided to revive this infographic because of the complete asshattery that’s been proposed by various state legislators across the country since then in regards to reproductive rights. Some states have already struck down the offensive legislation (Holla, Ohio! Thanks for making me look good. Well, sort of), but others dangerously bumble on. Wisconsin is jumping on the abortion restriction bandwagon despite the fact that their GOP legislators campaigned mostly on jobs and the economy, not reproductive health. Republicans in Arkansas want to take advantage of their newfound control of both sides of the state legislature and ban the use of telemedicine to make medical abortions available. Texas and Mississippi continue to drive this restrictive law-passing train to crazytown. YOU GUYS. We just re-elected an unapologetically pro-choice President and a boatload of pro-choice lawmakers. The majority of Americans are pro-choice. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Please, for the love of Batman, stop trying to regulate ladyparts and do something that isn’t harmful to 50% of your constituents. Ugh. Here’s the infographic, I need to go watch some corgi videos on youtube to calm down.


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